High Foam Acidic Cleaner
Aci-Foam S is used for cleaning farm sheds and concrete barriers within the shelters of any light rust marks and water stains, by using a Gerni water spray system and foaming over the entire surface. The ‘Cling’ affect will allow reaction time for the product to work on vertical surfaces.
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
CANINE PARVO RID – in development
Canine Parvo Rid is a special formulated disinfectant/virucide used to treat hard surfaces where high risks of contamination of animal specific viruses is present. This product is based on PMDH, a biguanide with a proven track record with extensive efficiency and toxicity testing. To be presented to APVMA for approval.
Packaging: 5lt, 15lt
Acidic Cleaner
CIP Aci-Clean S is a Sulphamic based product that descales and cleans while in use. The acid removes what hard water leaves behind in scale, lime and salt deposit from most hard surfaces and water lines. Flush with potable water after use. This product is mainly used in cleaning all types of water flow lines.
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Premium Quality All Purpose Detergent Cleaner
Detergent SV is designed for use in hand washing of veterinary tools and utensils, food processing and animal food bin containers and shelter cleaning. This product is a highly concentrated non perfumed detergent which is non-hazardous and rapidly biodegrades. Detergent SV is safe on all surfaces and very free rinsing.
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Sustainable Roads Surface Dust Control Additive
Dust Control SR is used as a top coat spray in the dryer months for dust control and running course binder. Dust Control SR a highly concentrated liquid polymer emulsion with proprietary additive. A dye marker may be added for visual control to ensure even application.
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Enzyme Waste Treatment and Odour Management
EWT Liquid SF is used to remove protein and other waste from all hard surfaces. It must be used in cold water and left to dry. EWT Liquid SF can be used in drains and grease traps to reduce solids content hence reducing the chance of blocked drains and greatly reducing mal odours. Use EWT Liquid SF only after flushing Shelter Clean SF from surfaces to drains. This will assist in softening and removing solids left behind and liquefy waste in waste drains and pits.
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Sustainable Fire Fighting Foam for Farms
Foam Blanket SF (Class A) is a biodegradable mixture of foam and wetting agents. When mixed with water at the correct dilution rate this product creates a quality thick foam cover. Works best on standard combustibles objects such as wood, grass and paper. The product clings extremely well on vertical surfaces which allows water to remain for longer periods to absorb more heat. By using this product it increases the effectiveness of the water.
Packaging: 15lt
Stabilised Liquid Oxygen Solution for Manures Cellars
Manurox SF is a highly stabilised liquid oxygen solution for exclusive use in liquid manure cellars. It is used with EWT SF liquid to improve the quality of the slurry prior to spreading.
Manurox SF provides manure full of oxygen and sugar-ferment (energy) when spreading on field so that aerobic oxidation processes are rapidly started.
For eliminating odours and reduction of insects on dry waste piles spray solution (1:20) over entire area
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Alcohol Based Non-Residual Sanitiser
Prepare Teat Spray is an ethanol based liquid for disinfecting and softening Cow teats. The product is quick drying, leaves no residue. A paper towel can be used to reduce trying time if required.
Packaging: 5lt
Ecological & Non Residual Sanitation and Biofilm Removal
Oxibon SF is an excellent Biofilm remover in water treatment in Animal Shelters and can be utilised as a Sanitiser when a wash down of an animal shelter has been completed by either Gerni wash system, Fogg system or Mist system
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Mould and moss management
Q-Form Professional is a new generation mould, blackspot and moss kill and management product. Q-Form Professional can be used in areas such as Cold Rooms, Food Processing Plants, Animal Shelters, Artificial Grass, Rockeries and Garden Beds, Roof Tiles, Showers, Ablusion Blocks and much more.
Packaging: 15lt
High Foaming Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner
S-Clean is a high foaming caustic based detergent designed for the removal of raw fats and degreasing of contaminated surfaces. This product is a unique blend of specialised surfactants & alkalis which provides fast penetration of soils and assists in the removal of stubborn proteins, bloods and fats.
Packaging: 15lt
125gm/Lt Available Chlorine
Sanichlor Liquid SF can be used in dilution to sanitise all areas where cleaning has been finalised but sanitation is required. Sanichlor Liquid SF is not the cleaner, but has sanitation qualities at 1:100 (1% solution).
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
More information needed
Sanitiser 100 is a high performance sanitiser that can act as a No Rinse Sanitiser or Rinse Sanitiser depending on dilution rates. This product was designed for Animal Shelters and sheds to ensure sanitation is maintained on Farm.
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Sustainable Roads Water Saver and Dust Control
Soil Wetting Agent SR is formulated on a base of non-ionic surfactants which are designed to coat the top soil layer and therefore increase its wettability for months. This product is an excellent product where Dust management is required.
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Heavy Duty Cleaner for All Areas
Supreme Clean SF is a heavy duty solvent base for medium to heavy duty cleaning.
This product is safe on most surfaces and is able to clean most surfaces without much mechanical action, such as Animal Shelters, hard surfaces and Farm Machinery. Product has medium foam qualities
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Disinfectant / Virucide / Fungicide
VIRI-DIS is an alkaline disinfectant/cleaner formulated with a powerful blend of specialised new generation quaternary ammonium compounds. Designed for the cleaning and disinfecting of a wide range of hard surfaces, it is particularly effective in critical areas where a high level of disinfection is essential.
VIRI-DIS has been laboratory tested and proven effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Packaging: 5lt, 15lt