CANINE PARVO RID – in development
Canine Parvo Rid is a special formulated disinfectant/virucide used to treat hard surfaces where high risks of contamination of animal specific viruses is present. This product is based on PMDH, a biguanide with a proven track record with extensive efficiency and toxicity testing. To be presented to APVMA for approval.
Packaging: 5lt, 15lt
Premium Quality All Purpose Detergent Cleaner
Detergent SV is designed for use in hand washing of veterinary tools and utensils, food processing and animal food bin containers and shelter cleaning. This product is a highly concentrated non perfumed detergent which is non-hazardous and rapidly biodegrades. Detergent SV is safe on all surfaces and very free rinsing. Not be used in Utensil Auto Wash systems.
Packaging: 5lt, 15lt
Quaternary Ammonium Based Disinfectant and Cleaner
Disinfectant Lemon Cleaner SV is designed for use in contaminated areas common to vet clinics, animal shelters, shower rooms and ablutions. Leave solution on surface for as long as possible before dry mopping occurs. The product is a quaternary ammonium based commercial disinfectant with a pleasant lemon scent.
Packaging: 5lt, 15lt
Alcohol Based Non-Residual Sanitiser
Prepare Teat Spray SV is an ethanol based liquid for disinfecting and softening Cow teats. This product is quick drying and leaves no residue.
Packaging: 5lt
Q-FORM Professional
Mould and moss management
Q-Form Professional is a new generation mould, blackspot and moss kill and management product. Q-Form can be used in areas such as Cold Rooms, Food Processing Plants, Animal Shelters, Artificial Grass, Rockeries and Garden Beds, Roof Tiles, Showers, Ablusion Blocks and much more.
Packaging: 3 x 5lt, 15lt
Saniclean SV is a quaternary ammonium compound sanitiser cleaner detergent. Saniclean SV has a non-toxic detergent incorporated and therefore can be used with absolute safety in all areas. Medium foam capabilities.
Saniclean SV is best used as a hard surface cleaner where heavy soilage may occur in areas such a Veterinary Surgery benches, floors and animal holding pens.
Packaging: 5lt
Heavy Duty Cleaner for All Areas
Supreme Clean SF is a heavy duty solvent base for medium to heavy duty cleaning.
This product is safe on most surfaces and is able to clean most surfaces without much mechanical action, such as Animal Shelters, hard surfaces and Farm Machinery. Product has medium foam qualities
Packaging: 15lt, 200lt
Disinfectant / Virucide / Fungicide
VIRI-DIS is an alkaline disinfectant/cleaner formulated with a powerful blend of specialised new generation quaternary ammonium compounds. Designed for the cleaning and disinfecting of a wide range of hard surfaces, it is particularly effective in critical areas where a high level of disinfection is essential.
VIRI-DIS has been laboratory tested and proven effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Packaging: 5lt, 15lt